The Forgiveness Formula

The Forgiveness Formula is exactly what you need to let go of the past and begin to create a new life full of excitement, joy, and pleasure. I know that sometimes life just feels too hard. Just getting out of bed is difficult when you face the same sad situation every day. When you look around and the life you planned for isn’t the life you are living.

Through my own personal experience of loss I found the answer that has changed my life and helped others too. The Forgiveness Formula came directly out of my own journey to healing. And I’m excited to share it with you because you deserve to be happy, to connect with your desire, to find your joy and to express your greatness.


My Game Plan – Dayplanner

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Price, says “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” How very true. It is not enough to think about what you want to accomplish, nor say it out loud. For a goal to become a reality there must be a written game plan. This day-timer was designed to help you win the game of life. In it you’ll find all aspects of goal planning, setting daily intentions, gratitude, a vision board, a journal, an appointment book and more. This day planner is all you need to create the life you want in a step by step manner. And it’s fun!


Lifelong Playground

4 Step Process to Live Easy When Life is Hard If you feel stuck, unmotivated, afraid of the future, and disconnected from your passion, then this program is for you. Filled with specific tools that help you change your state from fear to joy. Youʼll learn to embrace your desires and readily know what action steps you need to take to get where you want to be. Youʼll rediscover your natural instinct to Play and create a connection with your inner playmate.Youʼll explore techniques for getting out of the sandbox of life when youʼre stuck and learn how to change your game rules so that you win every time. Above all youʼll gain clarity with your dreams and desires. (Home Study Program – 3 Different Levels)


Itʼs Between You and Me

The blockbuster new life-manual and tool for anyone who loves a senior and any senior who wants to ensure their desires and needs are met while they age.This book will take both the senior and the adult child on a rich and meaningful journey to the conversation that everyone wants to have but few are able to request.


Itʼs Between You and Me Companion Facilitation Handbook

Make the journey easier with this Companion to the book. You will have a useful document to record the plan you and your loved one create. Full of tools and tips to help you have a successful family planning meeting. (Digital PDF Download)


My Life Resource Portfolio

Donʼt make your family have to dig through drawers and files for the information theyʼll need, if you are incapacitated and need help. Organize your life in one place and give your family the peace of mind they deserve. Share your legacy too. This will be a keepsake. (Resource Book – digital)


Wiser and Older Series

If you have a senior in your life, you owe it to yourself and them, to watch this series. You will understand your senior better, increase your communication skills, educate yourself about how to handle dementia, and discover your role and how you can best serve. Full of tips, tools, and information that will take the fear out of the aging process. (4 Video Series – digital)