Oh, do I love the stage!


As a young woman acting and singing was my first love. Though I was a shy child when I stood before an audience something in me came alive. And that is still true today.

Teaching others is my most favorite thing to do. I can stand in high heels for 6 hours and not feel my aching feet. The light I see in the eyes of others as they learn something which they can apply in their lives is what thrills and fulfills me.

Whether I’m teaching or speaking about topics that will enhance your life, business, relationships; or helping increase your skills; or simply sharing stories that will both motivate and inspire; there is one common theme. In everything experience we have the opportunity to expand our minds and hearts and lean into our potential.

My goal is to elevate, educate, encourage and entertain. No two speeches are ever the same. I take my lead from the audience…and that’s when the magic occurs.

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Speaking Topics

Come on Get Happy: 4 steps to instant transformation
Stop struggling with the what if’s and the if only’s. The past is gone. The future is just a dream. NOW is where the power is. In this fun and transformative talk Ali shares a 4 letter word that changed her life and the lives of the clients she has served. The audience will walk away with a tool that will give them instant access to all their resources, allow them to stand strong in times of adversity, and create an easy life even when life is hard.
Bounce Back from Betrayal: 5 steps to emotional freedom
Studies show that 95% of the population will suffer some form of betrayal in a lifetime. It is a broken promise or agreement that causes extreme trauma and the devastation of your worldview. Betrayal impacts our lives in a way that shuts us down, leads to mistrust, and builds fear and resentment. In this provocative and vulnerable presentation, Ali teaches audiences how to begin the healing process taking them from a closed and fearful heart to safety and emotional freedom.
Feminine or Powerful: You don't have to choose
We’ve only had one model of success since we left the kitchen and entered the board room. We’ve been taught that the masculine way is the only way but Ali teaches that women don’t have to choose to be successful or feminine. Today’s woman can be both. In this experiential talk Ali helps women to stand soft in their true nature, while still sitting strong in their power. We can have it all!
Your ACE in the hole: 3 secrets to winning the game of life
Life can sometimes deal you a bad hand, leave you feeling like a loser and ready to fold. But with the Ace in the hole, you can turn the game of life around. After losing a business, her home, and filing bankruptcy after years of phenomenal

success, Ali developed the ACE, three simple strategies to get unstuck, move past old stories, and re-invent the life you want. Audiences leave inspired, fired up, and holding a winning hand!


Audiences Are Saying…

"What can I say about Ali? I'm grateful for her! Ali is the voice of reason. I like to be challenged, she brings me back to a reality that allows me to be more truthful to me. Thank you Ali for the light you shine in my life!"

Aurora S. UT

“Ali Davidson is a force of nature! The heart of a lover, the mind of an adventurer, and the practicality of a mother bear! When she is writing or speaking it all comes together as a transformative experience.”

Daryl O. OR

"Ali Davidson is a speaker whose passion for her subject and ability to connect with her audience is unparalleled. She illustrates her messages with funny and poignant stories, and leaves audience members feel enlivened and inspired. She also walks her talk, sharing her own experience with an authenticity that helps others find their truth. Part wise woman, part gypsy storyteller, part healer, Ali is someone you want on your team as a coach, counselor, speaker and friend."

Chelsea C. OR
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