Quest Retreat

This retreat is a one on one, private experience designed specifically for you.

Taking you from where you are now on your journey to where you want to be. During this quest you will release beliefs and stories that hold you back from your best self, learn to love, honor, and know yourself fully, and emerge with tools, understandings, strategies, and enthusiasm for the new life you are now creating. 


Clients Are Saying…

“Ali Davidson has amazing wisdom and intuition. She is able to pinpoint the sticking point in your life and help you identify what healing needs to take place before guiding you into action toward your higher self and greater purpose. Her experience and expertise in life and business are her greatest gifts she brings to the world and she shares them with fun and pizzazz. I am honored to be in her inner circle of life. I would highly recommend Ali Davidson.”

Julie M, OR

“Ali Davidson is an AMAZING coach. She has helped me tackle many challenges and bring about an understanding as to why I succeed and fail forward to new success. At the same time, she is mindful about keeping me on track to meet my business and personal goals. She cares very deeply about I feel and listens to what I say and then brings it all back to me in a very insightful and informed way. If you are looking for a business or personal life coach (or both), Ali Davidson is THE ONE TO HIRE!"

Leslie P. FL

“Ali is a true soul whisperer! On many occasions, she has seen me more clearly than I see myself. She has helped me tremendously through deepening my understanding of who I am and how I related to others. Through our partnership I have experienced powerful healing and acceptance. I feel incredibly lucky to have access to Ali’s wisdom and insight!"

Claire B. TX

“You are one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. You have picked me up, dusted me off, and dragged me through some of the most challenging times in my life. Not only me but my kids as well. I am eternally grateful for the lessons you have taught me, the accountability you instilled in me and the raw conversations you've had with me. I thank you for your love, support, and friendship."

Kathy H. UT

“Ali started as my coach in 2018, and today she is a part of my life that I never want to let go of! I originally hired Ali to walk me through the mental blocks I had placed in front of myself that I knew I needed to break through in order to have the results I was seeking in my business. Little did I know that Ali would cradle me through all of the blindspots and bruises of my past and current life stories with grace and acceptance, and most importantly, with professional and educated action plans that have propelled me to stand taller, feel stronger, and fall more and more in love with myself every day. Ali is the perfect combination of therapist meets life and business coach meets warm arms, a big heart, and loving ears! From someone who has been through quite a few coaches/therapists... You should hire Ali! She is life changing."

Mary D. TX

This is for you if…

you can identify with any of these feelings…
Feel undervalued or invisible in your relationships
Feel overwhelmed, tired, or stressed by life’s demands
Have trouble saying no without feeling guilty
Get reactions from others you didn’t anticipate

Feel triggered or stuck in old stories

Feel unhappy even though you earned your “dream” life
Have the money and success but always find yourself on the bottom of your list
Hide resentment behind your smile
Have forgotten how to have fun, relax, and be at ease

On this Quest You Will…


Discover what makes you…YOU!


Experience your true essence and authentic power


Increase your value without having to push or struggle


Claim your boundaries and live by your own rules


Move past old stories and begin writing a new one


Free yourself from that critical inner voice


Resolve core issues and become your own best friend


Create ease and clarity in your relationships


Learn tools to cope with every day challenges


Learn to love, honor, and forgive yourself so that you never betray or abandon yourself again

Who Is…

Ali Davidson

Born to immigrant parents, Ali is a self-proclaimed “lifelong entrepreneur” who was the first generation born American. As well as being a mom to four amazing adults, she is a coach/counselor, speaker, trainer and international best-selling author. Living a life with challenges and victories, believing that reality is only a perception of our human limited thinking, she understands what it takes to trust in the unknown and reach for the best in yourself. As a counselor and coach for the past 30years, Ali has helped others heal old wounds, connect with their purpose, and reinvent themselves after great transition.

It’s not always been easy. She, too, has had her share of devastating losses, huge betrayals and times of hopelessness. But, Ali has figured out how to let go of the past, allow forgiveness to occur, and become who she was always meant to be: a woman of power, connected to Spirit and accepting of herself. Now, she is dedicated to helping other women discover their true nature and reach their highest potential too. She’s developed and taught workshops and created programs that have changed people’s lives. These experiences as well as many trainings and certifications, are part of her repertoire of skills and knowledge both in personal development and business development.

However, life has been her greatest teacher. What appeared as a complete disasters, were the seeds of what was to become her life’s work. The Butterfly Quest Retreat is the peak offering of her career.

What exactly is included?

Your Retreat Includes…


3 days/4 nights at the Historic Jazzy B Suite

in Ashland Oregon Value $375


All organic nutritious catered meals, drinks, and snacks

Value $350


28 Hours of one on one time with Ali

Value $5,600


Soul Collage

Value $160

Transportation during the retreat, wifi, and daily use of sauna

Value $100

Gift box and materials for Quest

Value $250

Daily experiences that will fill your mind, body and soul

Total Value: $6,835

Price paid in full at time of booking is $4997

Or Two payments of $2,750 The first payment due at time of booking. Second payment 2 weeks later.

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