An Overview

3 Simple Steps to Move Beyond Blame & Shame of Loss to Create the Life You Want

The Forgiveness Formula is exactly what you need to let go of the past and begin to create a new life full of excitement, joy, and pleasure. I know that sometimes life just feels too hard. Just getting out of bed is difficult when you face the same sad situation every day. When you look around and the life you planned for isn’t the life you are living.

Through my own personal experience of loss I found the answer that has changed my life and helped others too. The Forgiveness Formula came directly out of my own journey to healing. And I’m excited to share it with you because you deserve to be happy, to connect with your desire, to find your joy and to express your greatness.


Rebuild and reclaim the life you deserve.

If you are a woman who has had huge changes to finances, jobs and relationships which have left you feeling stuck, afraid and insecure about what to do next, then you have come to the right place!

Learn simple and proven techniques that will help you let go of the old stories that keep you stuck, and not only embrace your desires, but also know what action steps to take to create the life you want, without years of therapy.

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Clients Are Saying…

"Ali your program touched me in a profound way. It offered me a way to let go of the past, forgive others and most importantly myself. As a result I feel lighter, more open- hearted and ready to soar. I would recommend this program to anyone who has suffered a betrayal. It is a life changer."

Tawni H. CA

"The experience I had attending Ali's workshop was wonderful. It was the perfect combination of play, healing, information, community, fun, and learning. Ali was incredibly thoughtful in tailoring the experience to our group's specific needs in a way that made us feel safe and seen so we could do transformative work. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who's ready to release what's not serving them and show up for themselves in an authentic way."

Claire B. TX

“Your workshop was the ‘light in the darkness’ that initiated the path that I’m taking with my elderly parents. It helped me and my family to be able to appreciate the simple joys inherent in my parents lives as they age.”

Pat . D. OR

“I have not ever been to a workshop as truly helpful and inspiring as yours. You made sense, and you did not speak in lofty terms. You spoke and told stories from your heart, your vast experiences, and you connected in a big way. Everyone who was there that I know felt it was so worthwhile and we all got something significant from it, that helped us move through our issues. I started implementing immediately. I made huge breakthroughs and felt more empowered by your program than anything I have ever experienced or read. No jive.”

Leslie A. OR

This is for you if…

you can identify with any of these feelings…
You’ve lost your job and the economy is such that you feel you are either too old, too overqualified, or too tired to start over again in a new career.
You feel victimized by others and a total loss of control of your own destiny.
You feel so guilty about past mistakes that resulted in current losses and you feel so much doubt about yourself, that you lack the stamina, courage, and confidence to start over.
You’re afraid to step out into the world again, or into relationship, because you don’t feel you have what it takes to succeed anymore.
You are ashamed about where your life has ended up.
Why & how did I create this?

My story

I once had a booming 2 million dollar business, a beautiful home, traveled twice a year to Mexico and enjoyed my time with my husband and family.

Then the economy hit us hard, business partners betrayed us, and we were forced to close one company and sell the other at a loss. Jobs were scarce, tension high. My husband had an affair with my best friend and we got a divorce. My health was compromised and it felt like no matter what I tried nothing was working.

I lost everything, my home, my business, my marriage, and had to file bankruptcy.

It all left me feeling hopeless and in a sea of regrets. I didn’t recognize the person I’d become and I was devastated that I had to start over in my 50’s. Everything that happened seemed to happen to me. Life was out of control. All my dreams lay crumpled at my feet.

But I found a way to move past what was the worst of times, complete with failures, into a place of adventure and joy. And you can too!

We all seek to be happy, to feel successful, and to achieve a sense of stability. And that is easy to accomplish when our life story includes the job we want, the money we need, the relationship we desire, and the physical health that allows us to enjoy it all.

But what happens to our happiness, our measure of success, and our security, when the story changes? We feel victimized, afraid to make decisions or take actions, and untrusting of our intuition. Right?

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What exactly is included?

In the Forgiveness Formula

You Will Learn…

The easiest and fastest way to gain back some control in your life
The #1 most critical thing you must do first in order to begin the healing process
How to let go and find the jewels in your losses
The key factor to creating a new vision of yourself and your life
What it takes to change your present experience

We all know that life gives us experiences that challenge us. And that those times in which we overcome…we grow. Yet sometimes the challenges cause so much inner turmoil that we just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Right?

That’s why the simple 3 step process is so important. It’s time to let go of the blame and shame of loss because the world is waiting for you! You alone bring a set of particular talents and gifts that the people in your life, your community, your world, will never see if you don’t reclaim your power, reconnect to your loving heart, and allow your vulnerability to help you become stronger.

Just like the caterpillar that has to enter the cocoon and dissolve into unrecognizable form in order to become the butterfly…you too are going through your own metamorphosis. Who you will become…the butterfly inside you…will emerge and take flight when you use the tools in The Forgiveness Formula.




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