Wiser and older 

4 Part Video Series

If you have a senior in your life, you owe it to yourself and them, to watch this series. You will understand your senior better, increase your communication skills, educate yourself about how to handle dementia, and discover your role and how you can best serve. Full of tips, tools, and information that will take the fear out of the aging process.
Watching parents age is hard, i’m here to help.


Video One

Successful Aging Plan


Start the conversation about aging and reframe independence


Establish the framework of a plan for the aging years

Video Two

It’s not what you say

but how you say it


Build Rapport instantly and influence with integrity


Facilitate communication with someone who has dementia, is stressed, angry, or depressed.

Video Three

are you my mother? working with dementia and alzheimer’s


Identify the difference between dementia and alzheimer and the goals of caring for those affected by each illness.


Deal with adverse behaviors and minimize anxiety, frustration, and guilt.

Video Four

lifesavers: making the aging

journey sweeter


Use the resources available to you: don’t go it alone.


How to care for your mom while still having a life of your own.