If you are a professional woman who feels exhausted, overwhelmed or disconnected from your “why,” then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time for you to reclaim your life and play by your own rules!

You finally earned your “dream life,” but are you still unhappy?

You have the money and success but always find yourself on the bottom of your list.

After raising kids, being the perfect partner, and excelling at work, are you left with a shell of yourself?

I was where you are today:

  • Overwhelmed, tired, and stressed by life’s demands.
  • Undervalued and invisible in my relationships.
  • Frustrated because every day felt like all work and no play.
  • Full of resent with a masking smile.
  • Out of touch with my feminine nature.
  • Unable to say ‘no’ to others without feeling guilty.
  • Stuck in fear!

I’m here to tell you that I understand how it feels to question who you are and what you want. I know what it feels like to come last in your life, to lose faith in yourself, to question if it was all worth it—because I’ve been there done that!

I want to help you learn simple and proven techniques that will help you let go of the old stories that keep you stuck, so you can embrace your desires, find happiness, and enjoy the life you’ve created.

Yes, I’m ready! Let me in!

I’ve seen the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. I’ve lived in beautiful homes, and I’ve created successful businesses—but none of it is worth it without joy, happiness, and health.

Until you learn how to enjoy all of the big and small details in your life, you’ll never have true happiness. And you’ve worked too hard to settle!

I found a way to live in adventure and joy, regardless of what life has in store for me, and you should too!

Are you ready to make your happiness a priority?

Are you ready to put yourself first?

Changing narratives can be challenging at first. Setting boundaries, especially with your family members and loved ones, will be scary, but it’s worth it!

You’re worth it.

Most people have accepted that life is more like a classroom.

Where we have to live by rules others have made.

Where we are constantly tested.

Where imagination and innovation are squashed, and we are taught to live in the status quo.

Where we come to believe that only a limited few will get the rewards.

Where we have to raise our hands and get permission from someone else before we can experience our own freedom.

How has that worked out for you? It didn’t work out too well for me.

I felt disempowered and disconnected from my true desires.

I went looking for another way to see the world. Not as a classroom, but instead, as a playground. And what I discovered is so delightful, so empowering, so scrumptious, that I developed a program for women just like YOU.


Join me in Austin, Texas on August 9 & 10 for the
Lifelong Playground!


“I started implementing it immediately. I made huge breakthroughs and felt more empowered by your Lifelong Playground program than anything I have ever experienced or read. No jive.” ~ L. Akin, CEO LO Graphics

Yes, I’m ready! Let me in!
Early Bird is $697! Price is $997 after July 10!

As a coach and counselor, I developed the four-step program of PLAY that ultimately gives you a sense of power, creativity, flexibility, and security, no matter your story.

I’ve used this formula with clients and found that it is so easy, so powerful, so absolutely natural, that they changed their state and their perceptions in only minutes.

They were able to reconnect with their true desires and found that life was fun again. Once they accessed the cheat code, they were able to create the life they deserve, put themselves first, and bask in their truth. 

You now have the opportunity to change your life!


“Ali’s Lifelong Playground was so much fun. The program helped me shut off the voices that say, “can’t,” and think outside the box more easily. I remembered how much I like to have fun. As an adult, I have gotten way too serious. My husband and I are playing again and finding fun every day. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to find the playground.” Rachelle, Portland OR


Here’s what you’ll get in the Lifelong Playground program:

Your Soul Sole’s Purpose


Discover what makes you…YOU! Your pain has caused you to forget all that is powerful and unique about you. With these simple tools that you can use anytime and anywhere, you can remember and reconnect to your soul.

  • Connect with your inner playmate and be your own BFF.
  • Rediscover your greatness, talents, skills.
  • Create your circle of excellence.
  • Understand your level of competence.

Living is easy on the Playground


You’ll discover how to soothe the unconscious so that you may be more mindful, more intentional, and more powerful in reaching your goals—always putting your wellbeing first.

  • The four-step process for PLAY is a simple tool you can use anywhere, anytime.
  • Understand the cycle of wellbeing, and create your personal SAFE ZONE. •Learn to work with your elephant, your unconscious mind.
  • Discover how to work with emotions through timelines.

Getting out of the Sandbox


Learn how to change the “old story” to rid yourself of the drama of the past. You can change your story of disaster to an experience that enables you to let go, forgive, find your courage, and look toward to a future you desire.

  • Learn how to reframe circumstances.
  • Discover one simple step to turn fear into anticipation.
  • Let go of blame and shame.
  • Connect to your true essence and authentic power.

Aligning your core desires


Everything begins with a thought, but to make it a reality, you must have a plan. Create daily practices that will propel you forward into your creativity, enthusiasm, and fun! In this module, you’ll set your intention, create a game plan, and have all the tools you need to play 100%.

  • Find 10 ways to define your core desire and align with your core desire.
  • Discover the key to manifesting, not sabotaging.
  • Understand your 10 time-out strategies.
  • Learn to make your dream a habit!
Let me in!

“Ali has this incredible ability to be sincere and heartfelt while helping you understand the revelations about life and how they may apply to you. She listens intently and really hears you. The next thing you know, you are on your way with new and positive information that can help you heal.” Sandi, OR

This program is for serious players who are ready to step into the game of life and play at 100%. After all, there is no one more important on this playground than you!

“Loved that you brought scientific and psychology knowledge into the program to connect with the tools. It spoke to both my emotional/creative and logical/scientific mind.” Kat V. OR

So… are you ready to PLAY? To live life with a sense of adventure instead of dread? To explore your greatness and venture into your life with curiosity and excitement? To become the magnificent person you were meant to be?

Join me in Austin, Texas on August 9 & 10 for the
Lifelong Playground!
YES! I want to be on the Lifelong Playground and receive the My Game Plan day planner, 101 Ways to Play motivation guide, and the From Desire Into Action ebook!
Early Bird is $697! Price is $997 after July 10!

Living on the Lifelong Playground has truly been the answer for me and so many others who have lost their way. It is a formula for finding your way back to yourself.

It’s an experience that allows you to embrace your desires and readily know what action steps you need to take to get where you want to be. I hope with all my heart that you are ready to get on the playground. You too deserve to PLAY with a light heart into your greatness and live easy no matter what is going on in the world around you.


“Part wise woman, part gypsy storyteller, part healer, Ali is someone you want on your team as a coach, counselor, speaker, and friend.” C. Callicott, Academy Mortgage


Join me in Austin, Texas on August 9 & 10 for the
Lifelong Playground!
Let me in!