The great hope: how Covid 19 might change us and the world

Right now the world is in crisis. As I sit and write this the news blares incessantly of viruses and death. Of the need to isolate yourself.  Of businesses forced to close. Of families being kept apart. Of prisoners being released from prison.  Of the stock market crashing. Of people losing their jobs. Of a [...]

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Do we have to be the same to be One with each other?

Today, everywhere you turn, there is talk about Oneness, a new global community, the new universal human who works co-creatively and co-operatively for the betterment of the whole. There are blogs, books, videos, and podcasts. There are meditation groups, churches, spiritual communities, and retreats.   All working toward this concept of Oneness, an idea that [...]

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How can we change the world?

Today my heart is sad. Sad for the senseless deaths in Europe.  Sad for the fear that is running rampant in the lives of humanity.  Sad for the anger that has no outlet but through violence.  Sad that once again we stand united in terror for a brief moment only to move on with our [...]

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Mining the golden nuggets from our challenges

It's popular to motivate, encourage, and keep things positive. And I aspire to do that as much as I can. But I also know that life presents all of us with challenges, with heartache, with issues that cause us pain. "They" say darkness comes before the dawn and I have found that to be true. [...]

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To climb your personal mountain…you must commit to you!

Okay, so let me be real.  I might climb a trail up a mountain, but I'd never rock climb.  I'm just not that kind of gal. I'm more the dancer and singer type than the athlete.  However both activities require a commitment.  A promise that you will keep going even when it gets tough... because [...]

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Remove emotional blocks just like you would a splinter

The mind is a funny thing. It seeks always to protect and understand.  To take each experience, each thought, each feeling, and categorize it.  To make it palatable, controllable, manageable. My mode of operandi when some challenge shows up in my life, has always been to think of the worst possible scenario and work backward [...]

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Three steps to starting over in your 50’s

Starting over in your 50's is not something you planned for. Sometimes it really hurts.  Sometimes it feels that you have lost something you didn't want to give up.  Sometimes it is scary as hell. Sometimes it seems like the ending is forced on you. And when the ending doesn't feel like our choice, we [...]

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How to allow Change to…Change you

Transition creates chaos...from the fireworks comes the light of something NEW And I am embracing that 'new' with all my heart.  I have been through the dark night of the soul, as many of you have.  And from that tunnel I have emerged with new insights, new understanding, new skills and a new vision.  Over [...]

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What is a Miracle?

What Is a Miracle? There was a time when all that occurred in a single day was considered by man to be a miracle.  The sun shining so the crops could grow.  The moonlight so the tribe could travel in the coolness of night.  The wind that took the locusts away.  Everything. Of course there [...]

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Conflict: An opportunity to grow

Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional~ Max Lucade I find it interesting that almost every person I have ever encountered says "I don't like conflict" as if they are the only ones who feel that way.  Truly, conflict is nothing we intentionally seek, even if it appears that way at times.  Conflict occurs when [...]

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