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Is Pefectionism Keeping You Stuck

Is Pefectionism Keeping You Stuck? Having high standards is a good thing. Right? Of course it is.  It is how we endeavor to achieve more from and for ourselves.  But sometimes when we set those standards too high, especially when we are just learning something new, we keep ourselves from moving forward. In other words we get stuck! I never considered myself a perfectionist.  Things don’t always have to be in place.  My hair doesn’t have to be perfect, and I admit I don’t mind a few wrinkles in my shirt. But as I began creating my new video blog I realized that my need to make it perfect for you was stopping my creative flow.  I was overwhelmed by all the mistakes and flaws.  I wasn’t giving myself the grace I give my students and clients when they are trying something for the first time. […]

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A Game Night: more important than you know

When was the last time you laughed out loud?  I mean really laughed.  That deep and on going belly laugh where you can hardly catch a breath.  Where your whole body is engaged and the more you laugh, the more you laugh. I think we do so little of that these days.  Most of us are so overburdened just trying to get by we don’t even notice the lack of laughter in our lives.  Our intent is to get things done.  Our time together designed around topics, agendas, and marketing events.  Around business, exercise, learning, or a specific activity. How often do you just get together with friends, as we used to as children, just to play a game?  For no other reason but to let go of your life’s mission for a few hours and have fun? […]

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When the Universe answers, are you listening?

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I’d been fighting a cold for a few days and didn’t feel well.  As a result I didn’t notice that my thoughts were also in dis-ease.  I was feeling confused, unmotivated, and a little worried about finances. Ever had one of those days? I’m sure I’m not alone.  I have often said to people, “Don’t make a decision when you are in the valley.”  You see, life has it’s ups and downs and as we make our journey there are valleys and mountains.  When we are up on the mountain we feel exhilaration, excitement, passion and power.  When we are down in the valley we feel depressed, stuck, listless, and defeated. […]

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How to Overcome Criticism

This morning I woke as usual, made myself a cup of  coffee, and sat at my desk ready to begin my day.  First thing, look at my calendar, write out my goals for the day, and check my emails.  Nothing unusual. Except this morning the first two emails I opened were suggestions from friends who had something to say about something I did. Only it didn’t feel like a suggestion.  It felt like criticism! OUCH. […]

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Avoid Those Winter Blues: Play like it’s Summer all year round

Summer is almost over.  Children are back in school.  The 20 mph around schools is in full force.  Fall is slowly showing her colors. And we are getting ready to hunker down, get back to work, leisure and fun are over right? Wrong!  But here’s why we think this way. […]

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