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Born of Betrayal:

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

The overview

If you want to stop the pain and feel better, hopeful…and even empowered…then this book from forgiveness, self-acceptance, and starting-over expert Ali Davidson may just be the most important book you’ll ever read!

Born of Betrayal is the true-life story of how one woman suffered the devastating loss of a marriage, home, and community she counted on and learned how to create a new beginning. Follow Ali’s journey from the ending of the life she knew, where all she believed and had was gone in an instant, to her miraculous transformation into a woman who truly loves, trusts, and honors herself. Hold Ali’s hand while she takes you through her pain, her discoveries, and her triumphs.

As readers, we witness the thoughts, feelings, and eventual breakthroughs that brought Ali to the place where she can now help others heal from betrayal traumas. This book is a raw look at Ali’s unfolding story and the insights she drew from it. You’ll laugh and cry along with her, but make no mistake—this book is a serious roadmap through the transformation process.

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Readers Are Saying…

The author shares with us through her own insights how she leaned on her faith in Spirit and her strong self-resolve to bounce back from profound betrayal. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking real-life resources in healing the emotional wounds that keep us from thriving after loss and emotional abandonment.”

Michele K. OR

“Ali guides us in understanding that we don’t need to forgive others to heal ourselves. After reading this book, I was left with hope and a deep knowing that I am not alone. I highly recommend this book and I encourage you to purchase extra copies because you will want to share it with everyone you know!”

Jewels M. SC

“Ali you came into my life at just the right moment. Your words made me feel safe and not alone anymore. It’s like it is me in the book you have written. Your words are healing words for us out here who are suffering because you have lived those words. I cried tears of happiness just knowing I wasn’t crazy and I will Spread my Wings and Fly. “

Debbie B, FL

“Ali Davidson has given me the gift of finding a new path to follow. From painful and heartbreaking life experiences to a new destination of a life filled with self love, confidence, joy, dreams of the future, and a peaceful and healed heart! My warm thanks and gratitude to you Ali.”

Sandi F. OR

About Ali

Best-selling author, transformational coach and international speaker.

Trained and skilled in many modalities, it is her heart and experiences that bring healing to those who need it. For over 25 years, Ali has dedicated her life to helping people step into their greatness by harnessing their power, connecting to their desires, and helping them become their own best friend. She’s also a savvy business woman who has supported entrepreneurs in their businesses and built a successful in home care agency where she empowered seniors and their adult children. Her skills and knowledge are vast. Ali draws on all her years of experience to inspire, motivate, and help heal the hearts of those she works with. She is a dynamic and entertaining speaker and teacher.

As a child of an alcoholic and a survivor of incest, Ali has known tremendous pain and the disruption of the life she imagined through betrayal, divorce, bankruptcy, the loss of the company she co-founded and the home she raised her children in. Like so many, she knows firsthand what it feels like to lose it all, be plunged into the chaos of the cocoon, and emerge as the butterfly she was meant to be. By triumphing over her own trauma, Ali has found what works and now teaches others how to spread their wings.

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