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Your place to find the resources you need to have the audacious, playful, successful, life you want! Today women are experiencing losses, huge changes, and many are having to start over just at the time when they thought the work was done. We are living through times when transition has become as common as Starbucks and the need to transform from a caterpillar into the butterfly that lies dormant inside you…feels like it is being forced on you. And perhaps in some way it is. Because the world needs to change but it can’t until we, as women, heal ourselves and step into our true nature. This we can do through relationships, sisterhood, collaboration and support. Ali Davidson Life Academy is all about supporting the Divine in us all. Each of us carries within us the gifts that can make a difference and it’s time to recognize them, give birth to them, and expand them. Because when we do…

…We change the world!

We believe that life is supposed to be fun, full of adventure, love, and lots of laughter. Like others, our lives have not always been easy. In fact there have been extremely painful and difficult times in our pasts and we’re sure that there will be more in the future. But life is not measured by good or bad, successes and failures, or anything in between. Life is purely an opportunity to expand, to become more of who we are, to grow, to learn, and to dream, design and develop the life we want.

Through our programs, live events, coaching, blogs and books we inspire women to realize and access their potential and their dreams. We give you the tools you need to be the best you. And then together, we soar into a place of curiosity, expectation, and appreciation. We find the place inside ourselves that we have lost since our childhood, where every moment is filled with possibilities. And we welcome it.

We hope you’ll join us on this adventure through life and together we can fill it with magic and miracles.

Professional Bio

Ali has been an entrepreneur all her life. Living a life with challenges and victories, believing that reality is only a perception of our human limited thinking, she understands what it takes to trust in the unknown and reach for the best in yourself. Ali has been a counselor and coach for the past 20 years. She has helped others heal old wounds, connect with their purpose, and reinvent themselves after great transition.

It’s not always been easy. She, too, has had her share of devastating losses, huge betrayals and times of hopelessness. But, Ali has figured out how to let go of the past, allow forgiveness to occur, and become who she was always meant to be. A woman of power, connected to Spirit and accepting of herself. And she is dedicated to help other women discover their true nature and reach their highest potential too.

Ali is an author, counselor, speaker and trainer. She has owned and operated an in-home care agency, raised 4 children, founded a non-profit, and authored a book for adult children and seniors. She’s developed and taught workshops and created programs that have changed people’s lives. These experiences added to her repertoire of skills and knowledge both in personal development and business development. She is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Master Practitioner and a certified Hypnotherapist. But Ali believes none of her titles mean much compared to the direct learning she received through her life experiences. She says, ‘our struggles and challenges are our pathways to our greatness when we allow ourselves to recognize who we are as a result’. Helping women step into their greatness through programs and coaching, is what Ali feels is her purpose. And she wants to help you find yours.

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