coast 1Today my heart is sad.

Sad for the senseless deaths in Europe.  Sad for the fear that is running rampant in the lives of humanity.  Sad for the anger that has no outlet but through violence.  Sad that once again we stand united in terror for a brief moment only to move on with our lives in a few days, till the next time.

I don’t propose that I have an answer to the world’s situation.  I sense that in all that is occurring round the world there is Divine Guidance, even if we don’t understand it.  I give prayers and hold in my heart those that have lost loved ones and are in great pain.  And I send healing prayers to those whose anger is so inflated and misplaced that they chose an action which darkens their soul.

And at the same time something else niggles at me…

In times of great tragedy we do come together.  Offering prayers, feeling compassion, dealing with our own anger and feelings of helplessness.  But what of the little tragedies.  The ones we see in the face of the man on the corner begging for food.  The child who has just been spanked for asking one too many times for cookies in the grocery store.  The elderly lady who lives alone, frightened by her inability to care for herself but not able to ask for help for fear her request will be denied.

What of the woman who was beaten last night for not having dinner on the table.  Or the student living on meager earnings who just lost his bike and only form of transportation to someone who has no respect for the belongings of others.  What about the woman who’s life has been blasted apart by her husband’s betrayal, leaving her with no money and abandoning his children for his own egotistic needs.  And what of the child who sits neglected in the back seat of the car while mom is in the local bar getting her fix.

These are the daily tragedies we close our hearts to.

We tell ourselves it’s sad but what can we do.  We make judgements and thank God that we have a better path on the journey of life.  We busy ourselves in our own dramas so as not to feel any sense of responsibility to our fellow man.  We close our eyes and ears telling ourselves it’s none of our business. The problems seem too big.  We give where and when we can.  But change doesn’t really happen.  Another day goes by, another life unnoticed fading into the backdrop.

We may be outraged and heartbroken by these big horrendous terrorist acts….

And right we should be.  But how can we even begin to understand and find a solution for these big events of life’s injustices if we can not find a solution for the one’s that are happening in our neighborhoods, in our schools, on our streets.  Do we stand in protest? Do we act in anger? Do we close our blinds and pray behind closed doors?

Or do we recognize that every action we take, good, bad or indifferent, leaves an impact on someone’s life.

We can not condone any action that is harmful whether it is against a nation, a community, or the stranger walking down the block.  We can not judge for we have not walked in the shoes of those who hurt others.  But we can say no more to it.  We can take a stand to speak our truth.  To say to the mother who just hit her kid,

“I know you are frustrated, I’ve been there, being a mother isn’t always easy, and there’s  no way for me to know what is happening in your life…But I can’t stand here and watch you do something harmful to another…not just for him…but for you..because I know that what you are doing right now…is not who you are.”

I can’t help but wonder if each of us accepted the sacred duty of honoring the good in all, naming the thing that we see is wrong, and with an open heart not only stand up for the victim but remind the abuser of who they really are and that their actions have a long lasting impact on others…if maybe…little by little…the world would be a softer place.  Our prayers for peace would be answered.  And we would all sleep better at night knowing we made a big difference in a little way.

Every day the world gets smaller…

We know about things happening on the other side of our world in an instant.  We travel to all countries for business and pleasure.  Our food comes from around the planet.  Our climate, our air, our water…we all need it.  We share the same oceans even when we are on different shores. We are one world.  And there are many who suffer. Many who are exploited.  Many who are forgotten.  What’s happening in our world is no longer ‘their’ business.  We are all impacted whether we realize it or not.  So of course we know things have to change.  But like they say about eating elephants…it must begin one bite at a time.  And I believe it must start at home.

This blog may rest on deaf ears.  It may make you angry.  It may make you sad.  I hope with all my heart it makes you think.  And that you find a way to do something courageous and loving any time you are a witness to something that you know is harmful.  If we truly are one, united under God, spiritual beings having a human experience, then let’s act like it.  Let’s take on the responsibility of caring and helping those in need within our own towns and cities.  That’s where humanity starts…where change can be made one life at a time.

That is what I intend on doing.  May you live easy and be kind to yourself…and others.