Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.18.56 PMTransition creates chaos…from the fireworks comes the light of something NEW

And I am embracing that ‘new’ with all my heart.  I have been through the dark night of the soul, as many of you have.  And from that tunnel I have emerged with new insights, new understanding, new skills and a new vision.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you, what has changed and what I will be offering as a result.  For now though, I want to give you just one new way of moving through ‘change’!

I live in the beautiful state of Oregon.  And we have a saying here that we repeat every time someone comments about the weather.  It goes like this: ” If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes, it will change”.  And the funny thing is, it’s true!

It’s also true that the one thing that is constant in life is that life is constantly changing!

Some changes we make on purpose.  Like deciding to move, to get married, to start a family, and to quit a job.  Some changes seem to happen without warning.  Like the death of a loved one, a betrayal by a spouse or friend, getting fired from a job, or an unexpected health issue.

In other words there are changes that occur  that we can control and others we can not.  Obviously those changes that happen which we can not control cause a lot of pain, bring on a lot of fear, cause us to become stuck in the past, leave us with feelings of guilt or regret, and can create havoc in our lives.

As painful as these changes can be, however, we get to choose how long we will resist the changes and persist in pain, or surrender what we thought should ‘be’ and open up to what is coming.

These are the transition times in which we can experience the greatest growth. These times offer us opportunities:

  • To reconnect with our true purpose.
  • To re-evaluate our priorities, our criteria, our values.
  • To examine old beliefs that no longer serve us.
  • To know ourselves at a deeper level
  • To heal old wounds
  • To stretch beyond our comfort zone into our potential
  • To reach a higher perspective and understanding of our own nature

These are but a few ways in which a transition periods, especially painful ones, can lead to something better than what you had.  Something more than what you dreamed possible.   So hang in there.  Don’t give  up.

Because just as that ‘change’ changed everything…everything that changed will change you.

I speak from experience.  I am no longer the same woman who was a victim of betrayal and loss.  It wasn’t just my life circumstances that changed.  I changed.  And I am stepping into my life fully for the first time.  I am readily taking responsibility for my journey, my happiness, my success, and my purpose.   When I stopped resisting the transitions even when those changes were out of my control, new choices started appearing.  New paths opened up.  A new direction became clear and although it still feels scary sometimes, it is also exhilarating and exciting.

Here’s my insight:

Get comfortable with  the discomfort.

The discomfort is your first clue that you are going through something from which growth will be the outcome.  Every growth spurt, whether physical or developmental, is precipitated by discomfort as new neuro pathways are being created.  It doesn’t mean that what is happening is inherently bad or wrong.  It is simply a way of knowing that change is at hand.

When we resist the discomfort by various means like: denying the feeling, distracting ourselves with work, food, people, activities, or even sleep, the change will be bigger, feel more shocking, seem more out of our control, and things will get worse before they get better.

Change is inevitable.  It is a good thing.  It is how we expand.  Become more, know more, achieve more, live more…

I invite you to allow the discomfort.  It will lead you more gently through the transition that will be your NEWness, the changed  you.  The you that has grown into your highest potential.

Till next time, live easy and be kind to yourself.