Inside the DNA of the caterpillar is encoded the butterfly she will become.  The caterpillar is unaware of its potential.  It simply moves from one leaf to another until it is compelled to create a cocoon from which it will emerge transformed.  The same can be said for us.  Within us all is the potential of our greatness, of the transformation that will give us wings.

We simply go through our lives, from one experience after another, unconsciously choosing the best or worst situations that will compel us  to change.

What we become as a result of that change will be determined by these three things:

1. Our willingness to accept the change

2. Our openness to letting go of the past and who we used to be

3. Our curiosity of what is to come

Pretty simple right?

But here’s the curious thing about this concept.  It requires you to be aware of yourself and take responsibility for your choices.  And not all of us do that easily or in a timely manner.  So although life compels change, if we are frightened by our own becoming, we resist the promise of our own potential, our own dreams, our own possibilities, which will lead to our transforming and taking flight, and instead we stay where we are.

In jobs or careers that no longer excite us or challenge our minds.

In relationships that hurt, are abusive, unloving, and don’t support our heart.

In friendships that we’ve outgrown, no longer serve, and feel empty.

And as a result, instead of becoming our greatest selves,

we become a shadow of our best self, a smaller part of who we are, in short, a person we don’t like and no longer recognize.  Our resistance to our own transformation, our entrance to our own cocoon, doesn’t stop us from changing.  But the changes that occur in us deplete our souls.  We become apathetic, resentful, depressed and scared.  We feel stuck, unsure, and angry at the people and situations that we blame for our pain.  This was my journey for quite awhile, even though I was not consciously aware at the time.

When we allow the fear of our own greatness, our own potential,  to stop us from becoming who we came here to be, we ultimately fail ourselves.

But we can not stay in that place of resistance forever because something bigger than us, will eventually force us through situations, experiences, and people, to enter the cocoon.  We will be forced by life events to enter and we will stay within until the discomfort of staying there becomes greater than our fear to emerge.

I know this one too.  For me it’s taken over a year. I had to let go of the past, grieve all I’d lost, see how I’d changed into someone I didn’t like because of my resistance to spread my own wings, and finally accept that everything I experienced was perfect for one reason.  It was what ultimately compelled me, like the caterpillar, to enter the cocoon, and allow my innate potential to transform me into the butterfly I am meant to be.

So…I invite you to ask yourself  two simple question…

How has my resistance to my greatness changed me in negative ways and created circumstances that don’t serve me?


Am I ready to enter the cocoon, let go of my fear of my greatness, and allow the butterfly I am meant to be, to take flight?

Oh how I hope that it is soon.  For you are a unique butterfly.  One with gifts the world needs.  One who’s magic can not be duplicated.  One who’s greatness and beauty, we are all waiting for.  One who’s colors will shine brilliantly and light the way for other caterpillars to join us in flight!  Imagine how beautiful the world would be if we were all butterflies!

As always, live easy and be kind to yourself